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No! It is your constitutional right to remain silent and for your attorney to be present, once requested. Additionally, these rights cannot be used against you in court. You may need to provide basic information about your identity, but do not talk about what happened or answer any questions related to the incident. Call or ask for your attorney immediately.

Always contact an attorney before providing a statement or information to the police even if you think you have done nothing illegal. Law enforcement officers are professionally trained to get people to talk about their case. Additionally, officers are not required to tell you the truth and they will use deceptive tactics to convince you they will help you if you provide them information. They might say “your friend already told us everything” or “I will talk to the prosecutor for you if you help me out”. Most of the time these are false statements. Make sure you contact your attorney before providing any information to the police or making any statements.

As we always say, “it is not a problem until it is a problem”. A partnership agreement protects you, your business partner(s), and the business. A partnership agreement is a contract between partners which defines the terms and conditions of the partnership. A good partnership agreement will plan for every potential contingency and clearly define how each issue will be handled if it arises. This eliminates any partner from saying, “What happens if…” which will help your partnership, your business, and your friendship. Call us today to discuss your partnership or shareholder agreement.

White-collar crimes are generally non-violent crimes that are financially motivated. These crimes are committed by using concealment, deceit, or violation of trust. Examples of white-collar crimes include fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, identity theft, drug trafficking, and investment fraud. If you are being investigated or have been arrested for a white-collar crime, immediately call your attorney. We handle white-collar crime cases in state court and federal court.

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